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An online sales machine that actively works to bring you more customers. Our rare combination of great software and dedicated human specialists actively work to bring you more customers. It's so automated that you only need to review the orders and do what you do best!

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What will XtraMedia do for my business?

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Dedicated Specialists

We hire and train a number of specialists to tackle all aspects of online marketing, plus everything that you may need for your included Sales Machine website, with no extra fees.

49-Mobile app
Social Media Management

Your Dedicated Specialists will optimize and manage your social media accounts across multiple platforms: creating high-quality content, and engaging with users.

9-Pay per Click
Search Engine Pay-Per-Click Ads

Your Dedicated Specialists will use a combination of great software along with highly targeted keyword ads to put your business in front of all potential customers.

Long-term Marketing Techniques

Your Dedicated Specialists will work to build a self-sustaining marketing core for your business, through various tools from social media to highly-targeted email lists.

Inbound Marketing Techniques

Your Dedicated specialists will create content that attracts your potential customers organically. Using specified keywords to target specific search results.

3-Online Marketing
Paid Media Promotions

Your Dedicated Specialists will work alongside our Paid Media & Creative Departments to create and execute campaigns within your ad spend budget & with your approval.

Agency with a Guide

The Dedicated Specialists will work alongside our Creative and Paid Media Departments to create an unmatched agency partner with small business hospitality.

37-Video Producation
Video Content Marketing

Your Dedicated Specialists will work alongside our creative department to create video content for your brand. Giving your customers easy to understand videos.


Automation Software

Your new webiste software automatically generates invoices, sends emails, greets users, tracks user activity, processes credit card subscription payments, and much more!

EV SSL Security

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. (Green Lock in Address Bar)

4-Credit Card
Payment Processing

Process Payments the way you want with access to over 200+ supported gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, & Skrill enabling you to sell in any country, with tax rates built-in.

Live Chat

Our Partnership with will allow you to engage with your visitors from your mobile device. You can even hire live chat operators from for only $1 /hour.

Responsive by Design

Website Pages automatically adjust to fit the screens of any device to provide the most optimal user experience for your valued potential customers.

50-Web Design
Drag n' Drop Page Builder

Easily build pages yourself with our modular drag n' drop page builder or feel free to have your dedicated specialists design and build the pages for you.

2-Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Your Dedicated specialists will utilize your included email marketing system to build lists and keep your previous customers engaged with approved attractive offers.

Detailed Customer Analysis

Your new Advanced Analytics System tracks user activity and creates an ongoing report based on purchases, habits, 
and conversations with the particular user.

15-Seo monitoring
Search Engine Optimization

Our combination of Search Engine Optimization software and Dedicated Specialists trained in optimizing your website content for search engines, puts you right on top.

Ecommerce Software

Complete Built-in Store for shops including a functioning Shopping Cart, Checkout, Order Pages, as well as a client dashboard with self-service management as well.

Professional Invoices

Includes professional invoicing options flexible enough to fit the needs of your unique business that come complete with Downloadable PDF Versions.

Cloudflare® CDN

Our partnership with Cloudflare® gives you access to all of the perks of being apart of a cdn as well as the performance power of Railgun™ with load speeds up to 2000% faster!


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