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About XtraMedia

Over the years, we have found that many businesses struggle with using online tools to gain customers. Some local business owners ultimately give up on online advertising as a whole. This is a MAJOR problem for their business potential and growth. Some business owners decide to have a designer create a website for them. Which shows promise, the only problem is that most designers are not equipped to create a custom solution that fits that businesses needs. Not to mention that most designers have no background in marketing.


Some businesses try seemingly-simple website builders like Wix or Weebly only to discover it's not so easy.. So they end up with a website that looks like a child decided to dip their hands in paint, and play patty-cake. Which only makes them seem "unprofessional" and "cheap" in the eyes of their potential customers.

While other businesses reach out to web development firms, or project managers and get a quote for a "custom solution". The only problem being the entry-level fee is usually upwards of $15,000 with limited usage rights. Which most business owners aren't willing to take that bet, and neither should you. Reason being, most of these so-called "professionals" use licensed proprietary technology wrongfully and may even put your business at risk.


So that's why we started with a simple goal: to build a powerful enterprise-level technology structure with the ability to add custom features along the way and then connect that platform with a dedicated human specialist that fully-utilizes our teams of writers, designers, developers, photographers, and internet marketers at no extra cost. Thus offering our clients an affordable fully-inclusive marketing solution, while also providing jobs to citizens in the United States and the U.K. ultimately ensuring that our clients will only have the very best experiences with our Agency Partner Program.

Since our launch in October 2016, we have been helping small businesses to large corporations. Over a million people visit a website that runs on our XBASE platform every single day. Our clients are seeing a huge increase in sales & ultimately are spending less time managing their business.

We are considered creative leaders by many in our space because of our rapid growth and innovations. Whatever the market conditions or current trends, you will always find XtraMedia leading the way to help our customers gain a competitive business advantage and staying ahead of the curve.

Executive Team

XtraMedia's Core

Andrew J. Kelly

Owner & Founder of XtraMedia

Andrew Kelly is the young experienced founder of XtraMedia. Prior to XtraMedia, he founded BizzHero, one of the best WordPress hosting providers & SmartResponse Solutions an SMS Autoresponse Platform. He is a young entrepreneur with a deep knowledge of building simple products for the mass-markets.

Andrew knows firsthand that online marketing solutions for small businesses are generally poor in quality and require a lot of time and money for only producing mediocre results if any. Andrew's father is a co-owner of an electrical service company in Pontiac, Illinois called Kelly Electric Inc. Andrew initially started developing software to make his dad's life easier. Andrew always understood the power of online tools, but there were no solutions that fit the simple needs for an electrical service business.

Which is why he developed BizzHero, It was a solution to resolve Kelly Electric's needs and the needs of many other local businesses. There was only one problem, most local business owners don't understand how to use the online tools to grow their business. So no matter how great their BizzHero website software was, they would have trouble getting customers to go to their website.

Which is why he decided to create XtraMedia. Instead of just offering business owners one piece of online marketing, he wanted to give them the whole pie, with someone there to serve it to them.

He's extremely proud that XtraMedia is giving local businesses a competitive advantage by connecting extremely easy to use software with dedicated human operators to handle everything along the way! So now clients can focus their time on running their business while leaving the online marketing to us. 

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